Stamp Glossary "C".



Cachet (pronounce ka-shay') A design printed or stamped on an envelope describing or commermorating an event. Cachets can be for any event e.g. on first day of issue, first flight and stamp exhibition covers, etc.  
 Cancellation  Markings or defacement placed on a stamp by a postal authority to show that it has been used.  
CTO (Cancel To Order)  Mint stamps, cancelled by postal authorities without having been used for postage.Have a postal cancellation, but with glue.  
Censored Mail  Mail that have been opened and censored.  The covers will have a hand stamp indicating the mail have been censored.  
  Centering  The position of the design on a postage stamp. On perfectly centered stamps the design is exactly in the middle.  
Chalky papaper. A chalky-like substance coats the surface to discourage the cleaning and reuse of cancelled stamps (  Shines at slanting illumination)(Mostly of Russian definitives stampswas printed on common and chalky paper)Do not soak these stamps in any fluid!

 Charity Stamps  Stamps that are sold at more than the inscribed face value usually with a printed or overprinted surcharge.  The extra is used for charity work.  

 Christmas Seals  Charity labels used to raise funds for various groups.
Christmas Stamps  Special postage stamps issued for use on mail during the holiday season.  
 Cinderalla  Label issued in the shape of a stamp and produced by a non-governmental body for promotional purposes.  
 Circuit Book  Book with stamps or covers affixed and circulated for sale amongst members of a club.  
 Classic stamps  An early stamp issue,has strict, "classic" design,usually pre-1930s.  Most people consider these to be rare stamps, but classic stamps are not necessarily rare.  
Cleaned  Stamps which have had ink, fiscal or other cancellation removed by chemical.
  Cleaned Plate  When ink clogs a printing plate after continual printings, the resultant stamps are poorly printed.  Stamps printed from the same plate, after cleaning, will look sharp and clean and are easily distinguishable as being from the Cleaned Plate.  
 Coarse Perforation  Large holes and teeth far apart and irregularly spaced.
 Coils  Stamps issued in rolls (one stamp wide) for use in dispensers or vending machines.
 Colour Error  An item printed in the wrong color or have colors omitted.  
 Colour Shift  A variety where one or more colors of a multicolored stamp are misaligned.  
 Colour Trials  Proofs taken in various selected colours to help in the selection process for the stamp to be issued.  
    Colour Proofs  Impressions of the approved colours taken prior to the stamps being printed.  
 Coloured Cancellation  A postmark applied to any stamp in any color other than black.
  Colour Changeling  A stamp which has changed colour due to chemical or climatic influences.  
    Combination Cover   Postal evelope that bears the stamps of more than one country which was paid the postage for different portions of the journey.  
 Commemorative.There are basically two types of postage stamps - commemmorative and definitive   commemorative stamp is one that is issued for a short time and which has an underlying special theme or subject : honour or commemorate anniversaries, important people or special events.  
Composite Sheet  A sheet of stamps made up of different values, types or designs.  
  Compound Envelope  Official postal stationery bearing more than one embossed or printed stamp.  
  Compound Perforations  Different gauge perforations on different (normally adjacent) sides of a single stamp.  
 Condominium Stamps  Stamps issued by a counrty/territory under joint rule by two or more powers.  
  Control Letters and Numbers  Inscriptions found on the margins of sheets of stamps.
 Cover  An envelope that has been sent through the postal system.  
  Cut Square  Imprinted stamp from envelope, card etc. that was cut in the form of a square or rectangle.  
 Cut to Shape  Imprinted stamp from enevelope, card, etc. that was cut to outline of the stamp design.  
  Cylinder Numbers   Numbers in the margins of stamps printed by photogravure from rotary cylinders.  A separate number appears for each different colour used in multi-colored stamps.  




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